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Industrial Engineering Department. Dalhousie University. Sexton Campus. Morroy Building 5269 Morris St. Halifax, Nova Scotia. Canada

Research Associate



Dr. Hilario CALDERON
Dr. Hilario Calderon is a Hydrographer/Oceanographer Eng., MSc, PhD, who studied hydrographic and oceanographic engineering at the International Maritime Academy of Baku, Azerbaijan (Former USSR), where he also finished his MSc. He is a Cuban Senior Hydrographer and Marine Research who worked with the Cuban Hydrographic Service and with the Center of Marine Researchers at the University of Havana.
Dr. Calderon obtained his PhD from the University of Havana with specialization in the Application of Marine Geomatics to International Maritime Boundaries Delimitation. He currently lives in Canada and has been working as a contractor for the Canadian Hydrographic Service on a series of Research & Development projects relating to applied marine geomatics, as well as with the Department of Industrial Engineering at Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS.
During 2012, as part of the MARIN Research Group, Dr. Calderon contributed to the general efforts of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) towards prioritizing areas for hydrographic surveying on a nationwide level. He worked on a project using historical bathymetric and sounding data to update the Canadian Hydrographic Survey Priorities, as well as on the use of Hydrographic Data Mining in conjunction with AIS vessel traffic data in the Canadian maritime region.


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