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Industrial Engineering Department. Dalhousie University. Sexton Campus. Morroy Building 5269 Morris St. Halifax, Nova Scotia. Canada

Research Assistant

Leah Beveridge, B.Sc., M.M.M.


Leah Beveridge obtained her Masters in Marine Management at Dalhousie University in 2013. Through an internship with the Geological Survey of Canada – Atlantic, her graduate project focused on mapping vulnerabilities of coastal Arctic communities to climate change. Prior to entering the Marine Affairs Program she completed a BSc in Biology and Aquatic Resources at St. Francis Xavier University, where she participated in coastal ecological research throughout Nova Scotia.
Leah’s work within MARIN is focused on a German-Canadian research project, PASSAGES: Protection and Advanced Surveillance System for the Arctic: Green, Efficient, Secure. Within this project she was studied the risks to vessels from the Arctic environment; the risks to the Arctic environment from vessels; and the risks and opportunities presented by growing marine vessel traffic in the Canadian Arctic to the people, indigenous and not, who live there.
Leah is also an Associate at NEXUS Coastal Resource Management, a diverse group of professionals with broad resource management skills and knowledge who tackle complex resource management issues. As an Associate, she contributes to those projects where her expertise are required.

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