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Industrial Engineering Department. Dalhousie University. Sexton Campus. Morroy Building 5269 Morris St. Halifax, Nova Scotia. Canada

Sara Rezaee

  • Sara Rezaee, PhD Candidate 



    Research: “Risk Analysis of Extreme Weather Conditions on Fishing Vessels Safety”


    Sara Rezaee is a PhD Candidate in Industrial Engineering at Dalhousie University.

    Sara received her Masters in Industrial Engineering from AmirKabir University of Technology in Tehran, Iran. Her research was on risk and reward modelling of technology portfolio selection. The results of her study were used by the Research Institute of Petroleum Industry in Iran.

    In September 2011 Sara came to Halifax to begin her PhD with the MARIN Research Group. Her work is mainly focused on statistical and geospatial methods in risk assessments. She was participated in two projects: Statistical analysis of non-operational predictors of piracy in 2013, and Geostatistical analysis of the relationship between marine traffic densities and incidents in Canadian waters in 2014.

    Sara is currently working on her PhD thesis: Risk Analysis of Cyclone Weather Conditions on Fishing Vessel Incidents in Atlantic Canada. This research aims to identify cyclone weather conditions that are associated with the occurrence of fishing vessel incidents, the severity level of these incidents, and traffic levels (categorized spatially and temporally). The related project goal is to predict future risk levels based on potential climate change scenarios. This research is supported by MEOPAR-NCE.

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