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Industrial Engineering Department. Dalhousie University. Sexton Campus. Morroy Building 5269 Morris St. Halifax, Nova Scotia. Canada

About Us

Maritime Activity and Risk Investigation Network (MARIN) Research Group develops methodologies and decision support software for investigating all types of maritime activities and the risks associated with them. These tools assist with decision-making in many areas, from Search & Rescue planning, to oil spill predictions and coastal zone planning.
Founded in 1997, the MARIN Research Group was created to study all types of maritime activity and the risks associated with them to develop methodologies and software to assist with Search And Rescues (SAR) planning. With the time our services have been used in different aspects of the marine traffic analysis and planning.
It is a fact that the Recreational boating accidents account for over half of maritime SAR incidents annually. Commercial recreational boating, which consists of maritime traffic generated by businesses that offer boat tours, charters, and rentals, comprises a significant component of all recreational boating activities.

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